Jim Ferguson - Making a Scene

Hi everyone! My name is Jim. I'm Married with a wife and 3 great kids. I had not drawn in several years and had pretty much given up my dream of being an artist. In 2011 I sat down with my little boy to draw and his looked better than mine. That scared me into drawing again. I thought I had lost something I loved very much, making art. Since then I have sat down to draw almost every night. I wasn't sure what to draw at first, but I remembered...just draw what you love. I love movies.

One thing lead to another. A little art show here and there. Taking a few commissions. Then I got an email from James Hong (Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China) he said he loved my art and asked me to draw him a few pictures. He then sent me a bunch of my prints signed
After that I kind got the bug to get more of my art signed by celebrities. That's when I started going to conventions to sell my art. I have been able to meet so many great people and getting a bunch of fans of my artwork. I was even able to help Sean Astin with his Kickstarter campaign supplying him with some Goonies artwork.

I found I could no longer do my day job at NASA and keep up with my artwork. So March 7th 2014 was my last day at NASA.

I'm now a full time artist. I show my art at comic conventions and at art shows all over the US and hopefully soon the rest of the world.

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